About Us

Whether you need a HDPE product for water storage, water irrigation, sewerage management,
road safety, aquaculture or agriculture, you’ll find the right solution with Tomher Industrial Sdn Bhd.

Tomher Industrial Sdn Bhd, a private limited company, is involved in manufacturing high density polyethylene-based products (HDPE water tanks, pipes, septic tanks, spiral pipes, road barriers, gravity conveyors and other HDPE related products) for the construction, agriculture, government and engineering industries.

Aside offering HDPE products for construction, we have ventured into manufacturing of Mobile Cabin systems and innovative products such as I wall, rain harvester, storm tunnel and stainless steel tidal flap gates.

Whatever Your Needs, Tomher Has The Solution

Our products are of the highest quality garnering industry awards and our superior after-sales service is second to none.


If you have any questions about our products or unsure which solution is best for your needs, email us and we will be happy to assist.