Water Tank

Tomher Water Tanks With over 20 years experience manufacturing water tanks, we are committed to providing you with premium quality for the best value. Choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and styles to meet your taste. Our poly water tank sizes range from 450L to 45,000L and are … Read more

The Sabah Industry Excellence Award (SIEA)

18 Aug 2017 (Kota Kinabalu): The Sabah Industry Excellence Award (SIEA) is held biannual and was established to promote excellence and to stimulate healthy and positive competition within the industry. Being Tomher’s 3rd Sabah Industry Excellence Award, after the first two in year 2007/2008 and 2012/2013, it is a recognition … Read more

Tidal Flap Gates

Tomher HDPE Stainless Steel Tidal FlapGate Tomher HDPE Stainless Steel Tidal FlapGate functions as water control equipment used in agriculture to encourage good drainage and to prevent flooding of crops. Our flap gates do not need any lifting device; the beauty of our tidal flap gates is that they work … Read more

Rain Water Solutions

Tomher Rain Harvester Tomher Rain Harvester is a smarter rain harvesting solution and ideal for schools, rural housing, plantation quarters, factories, commercial buildings and residential areas. Make good use of rain Easy to install Simple and effective Reduces water bill No mechanical parts Wall installation School projects Detachable filter Tomher … Read more

Storm Tunnel

Tomher Storm Tunnel Tomher Storm Tunnel is one of the best runoff solutions. It consists of a network of underground water storage tunnels and centralised grease trap to ensure the final discharge of storm water is not hazardous to the environment. It is a land-saving flood control system. Our product … Read more

Gravity Conveyor

Tomher Gravity Conveyor Tomher Gravity Conveyor is an excellent solution for palm oil fruit transportation and is recognised both nationally and internationally as an award-winning innovative product leader. For two consecutive years, we have been honoured to receive these prestigious awards: 2006 Industry Excellence Award (Special Innovative Product) 2007 International … Read more

Mobile Cabin

Mobile Cabin Mobile Cabin or Mocab is an expandable cabin system which can be customised to fit your requirements (based on size or room configuration). Can be turned into 3 floors to save space. You can dismantle and install it on another site easily. Perfect as a temporary ware house … Read more

Pit Liner

Tomher HDPE Pit Liner Tomher HDPE Pit Liner is designed as a simple but effective sewage/septic system for rural areas. When waste from the wash basin or toilet flows in, the liquid waste will soak out leaving the solid waste to decompose aerobically. The Malaysian Health Ministry project for rural … Read more