About Tomher

Why Tomher?

Tomher offers 20 years experience in the HDPE products manufacturing.

Tomher’s reputation is based on its expertise in the extrusion and rotational moulding of HDPE products, its excellence in manufacturing based on state-of-the-art knowledge of raw materials and equipment as well as the company’s management policies. Tomher does not compromise on quality and our systems are rigorous and accurate.

We continue to be the leader in the market by winning national and international awards in product innovation, quality and management.

Our Story

Tomher Industrial Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based private limited company which started in 1994. Tomher is involved in manufacturing high density polyethylene-based products for water storage, water management, waste water treatment, road safety, marine as well as custom molding.

As one of the most established polyethylene-based manufacturer in the region, we focus on bringing innovative solutions to our customers. We serve private and government sectors that range from construction, agriculture, aquaculture and engineering industries

Our comprehensive industrial range includes HDPE water storage tanks and cisterns, pressure pipes, septic tanks, spiral culverts, road barriers, gravity conveyors and many other HDPE related products.

With our wealth of experience, we have also ventured into higher value added products such as Mobile Cabin systems and innovative products such as iWall, rain harvester, storm tunnel and automatic tidal flap gates.

Our Focus

Product development and innovation continue to be the main driving force of our business. True leadership in the market is not defined by the biggest market share but by becoming the most innovative and forward-thinking company in this ASEAN region. 

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs