Tomher HDPE Spiral Pipes

Tomher HDPE Spiral Pipes are a better choice compared to normal concrete culvert. Our spiral pipes makes installation quick – it takes less than 3 hours compared to 24 hours of the traditional concrete culvert. 

The traditional culvert takes one whole day to put in place because concrete needs to set first before any work can be done.

By comparison, Tomher HDPE Spiral Pipes are also much lighter than concrete and this means faster installation, easier transportation and needing less manpower to install. As a result, you save on labour, handling and transportation costs.

  • Tough and lightweight
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Corrosion free (1< pH <14)
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Flexes elastically under loading
  • Storm Drainage
  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Leachate Collection
  • Automatic Tidal Control Gate System
  • Detention/Retention Storm Water Management System
  • Manhole Access

Tomher HDPE Spiral Culvert is an award-winning drainage solution, carefully engineered with our users in mind. Our intensive R&D has allowed us to engineer the lightest culvert yet heavy duty in market, making it the preferred choice of culvert.

Progressive municipalities know that the future of the storm water management relies on quality HDPE technology. HDPE corrugated pipes are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are the most technologically advanced products available to relay storm water and waste water.

HDPE Spiral Culvert/Sewer Pipe Features

Excellent Impact Strength

The elastic nature of HDPE enables the spiral pipe to handle even the harshest impact loading during takeoffs and landings on runways.

Wide Engineering Application

Perforations in the spiral pipe wall provide efficient dewatering in sensitive land areas.

High Ring Stiffness

The superior material properties of HDPE that outlast traditional concrete and metal pipes, is the material of choice in the modern construction environment.

Greater Savings

Thanks to its lightweight and ease of installation, HDPE spiral pipes need less manual labour, less traffic control and lower equipment costs. Its smooth interior also means less build-up of silt and sand, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.


Our pipes are tough yet lightweight enough to be easily carried by two people, thus reducing transport costs and time. Roads can be reinstated within hours. Its lightweight property is ideal for use in highly inaccessible areas by big trucks such as hilly slopes as the pipes can be manually brought up the hill easily.

Flexible Lengths

HDPE spiral pipes are available in sections, allowing installation crew to install longer lengths with less time and less effort. As a result, HDPE spiral pipes are routinely installed 50 per cent faster than traditional concrete pipes.

Tomher Spiral Pipe