Tomher HDPE Septic Tanks

Tomher Polyethylene (Plastic) Septic Tanks are designed and manufactured with rigorous quality controls to meet waste water treatment system standards.

Check out our patented Bio-Ball that is a highly effective bio media for anaerobic bacteria. Tomher septic tanks are stronger, easier to install and less costly than old-fashioned concrete septic tanks yet they still offer the quality construction and safety you expect.

Tomher HDPE Septic Tank Features

High Grade Materials
Tomher septic tanks are made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin which ensures the septic tanks are made to last a long time.
Longer Lifespan

Only available with our HDPE septic tanks, the unique and proprietory technology of Bio-Ball helps in the treatment of effluents. The Bio-ball allows for a clog-free operation of the septic tank, extending the lifespan of your septic tank and saves you money in the long run.


Our septic tanks are manufactured seamless in one piece which makes them leakage-proof and durable.

Extra Strong
The ‘moulded-in’ rugged and durable design of the septic tanks’ reinforcing rib structure makes the tanks extra strong and tough.
Suitable for Every Type of Need

You can choose from 9 septic tank models, from PE 3 up to PE30. They can be used by engineers and contractors for any type and size of waste treatment conditions from single unit domestic installations to large scale developments.

Complete Units, Easily Installed

Lightweight and easy to handle, our HDPE septic tanks comes as complete prefabricated units with HDPE covers for both the Bio-Ball Filter Chamber and the desludge/inspection aperture ready for quick and simple installation.

Tomher Bio-Ball - Our Patented Technology

Tomher Bio-Ball maximises the surface area available for the growth of bio-mass, which helps the process of:

  • Destruction of all pathogens
  • Mineralization of organic matter
  • Oxidation of biodegradable material

The Tomher Bio-Balls ensure a clog-free operation for your Tomher septic tank via the efficient breaking down of solid matter. This extends the service life of the septic tank considerably.

How It Works

The system is simple and works by using naturally occurring bacteria within the septic tank to digest solid waste matter and convert most of this solid waste to liquid.

The liquid is then released into drains. It removes solid waste from the incoming wastewater by settling the solid waste into the sedimentation zone while allowing floating materials or scum to float to the top.

The sludge layer in the sedimentation zone undergoes anaerobic digestion by naturally occurring bacteria. The Bio-Ball Filter Chamber (packed with Bio-Balls) ensures that the wastewater is treated fully before it is discharged to the drain.

The unique Bio-Ball is a filter media with a specially designed 3-dimensional geometric structure. This maximises the surface area available for growing bacteria which helps convert organic waste into minerals, destroys pathogens and oxidises all biodegradable materials. Tomher Bio-Balls also help extend the lifespan of the Tomher septic tanks as they ensure the tank is clog-free.

Even though our septic tanks are designed with extra capacity to accommodate sludge build up, the tanks must be checked every 2 years to remove undigested waste materials and to inspect and clean the Bio-Balls Filter Chamber.

Why is a Tomher Septic Tank better compared to a traditional concrete septic tank?

A concrete septic tank is “cast in-situ” which means the whole tank is manufactured on site. Concrete septic tanks have 2 chambers consisting of the primary settlement chamber and the filtration chamber.

The filtration chamber works on downflow filtration using gravity to carry the partially settled effluent downwards through the filter bed (normally stone aggregate).

This media is difficult (and heavy) to replace or clean, when it is saturated with biological growth.

Tomher septic tanks are prefabricated tanks and work on the principle of primary settlement and up flow filtration. The settled solid material remains at the bottom of the tank, and by displacement due to incoming material, the remaining liquid is then carried upwards into the filter chamber for anaerobic digestion through the filter chamber.

The filter chamber contains a unique proprietary technology called Bio-Balls which filter solids in the effluent and promote the growth of bacteria for digestion of organic material. These Bio-Balls are essentially maintenance-free and easy to clean or replace.

Installation of Tomher Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Size:
Septics 101 - A Guide to How Septic Tanks Should Be Maintained

For areas of high ground water installation, please contact our Tomher technical team for advice and assistance.


Our HDPE septic tanks are designed and made in accordance to:

Tomher HDPE Septic Tank

Installation Guide

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