Tomher HDPE Stainless Steel Tidal Flap

Tomher HDPE Stainless Steel Tidal Flap
Gate functions as water control equipment used in agriculture to encourage good drainage and to prevent flooding of crops.

Our flap gates do not need any lifting device; the beauty of our tidal flap gates is that they work automatically with only small differential pressure. This allows our tidal flap gates to control water flow easily.

If you have a farm or estate which is often easily flooded, consider using a tidal flap gate for flood control.

Available sizes:
  • 24-inch diameter
  • 36-inch diameter
  • 48-inch diameter
  • 60-inch diameter
Features & Benefits:
  • Pre-installed onTomher HDPE Spiral Pipe
  • Designed and fabricated with stainless steel for structural strength
  • Sizes available:  24″, 36″, 48″, 60″
  • Adjustable hinges to optimize gate action and sealing
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Tough and durable yet flexible
  • Low friction moulded surfaces
  • Easy & quick installation
  • Corrosion resistant even in the roughest condition
How Our Tidal Flap Gate Works

With a small differential pressure on the back of the gate, our tidal flap gate opens automatically to allow discharge. When the head is greater on the face side of the gate, the flap closes automatically to prevent back flow.

The flap gate allows drainage following one direction only, preventing back flow of fluid into the channel.

Widely used in easily flooded agricultural areas, our tidal flap gate prevents water from inundating your crops. Our flap gate models have flat backs, allowing them to be easily mounted to pipe flanges or head walls. No lifting device is required at all.

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PPB Terusan, Sandakan

PPB Terusan, Sandakan

Kalimantan, Indonesia

Kalimantan, Indonesia

Installation of Tomher Tidal Flap Gate

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Tomher HDPE Stainless Steel Tidal Flap Gate